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Case Study 111
USA Financial

Keeping the Workplace Safe with Turn-key COVID-19 Screening Protocols

Ada, MI
  • Reduce risk of costly COVID-19 outbreak with easy-to-use tools that do not burden admin staff or employees.


USA Financial, a Michigan-based financial services company, sought to bring employees back to the office as the COVID-19 epidemic continued to plague the country. To do so safely, the company needed an efficient and economical way to screen their employees for COVID-19 symptoms to ensure that the virus would not be spread to others within their office walls.


People.Health developed an SMS-based surveying solution for screening USA Financial employees and guests. Each morning, employees received a text message containing a link to a short screening questionnaire. The responses to the questionnaire were rendered on a dashboard for the administrators to review upon employees entering the building for work. Guests were able to access an alternate form through a QR code posted on the exterior of the building and follow a similar process.


Employees and guests were easily and safely cleared to come into the office building to attend work in person, given that they were not “flagged” with COVID-19 symptoms.

Employees cleared
Employees flagged
5 minutes
daily administration time, down from 2 hours
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Ada, MI
"Working with People.Health has been a lifesaver during the COVID pandemic! Previously, I had created a survey for employees to take the COVID assessment, but our team would have to chase people down that didn’t complete it… In addition, my data was more difficult to easily view and save – so I had to print/save the data, and then clear the data daily. Moving to our People.Health solution, our employee received daily text reminders, and our team had an easy-to-read dashboard of results, with history saved appropriately with easy access. I would easily say that our previous process to have employees take the daily assessment, could take me 1-2 hours/day. Now, it's 5 minutes! My time is valuable, and People.Health saved our company money, by saving us time. Our employees also loved the text reminders, and ease of use on their end as well."
Angela Schulz
Human Resources Director, USA Financial
Historical form submissions and survey shown on a laptop and mobile device.