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Case Study 110
Associates in Women’s Health

Increased Efficiency, Increased Patient Satisfaction

Healthcare Provider OB/GYN Offices
Wichita, KS
Patient Population: 174,680
  • More efficient education workflow
  • Collect online reviews


The providers at Associates in Women’s Health (AWH) four clinics were not satisfied with their EHR’s “built-in” patient education options and wanted to use materials created by their professional medical association, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). However, their patient education efforts needed to be documented in their NextGen EHR for compliance reasons. As a result, providers were printing ACOG materials, mailing them to patients, and then documenting the mailing of that print-out in the patient’s record. This highly inefficient process created workflow challenges and suboptimal patient satisfaction.


People.Health created a NextGen-based content management system that allowed AWH’s providers to send patients ACOG and other patient education materials directly from their EHR-based workflow. Delivered via email or text message, People.Health’s Patient Messages also asked satisfied patients if they would like to leave a review for their doctor on Healthgrades, automating a high-value marketing initiative without requiring any additional effort from the provider or the admin team.


The People.Health solution quickly eliminated hours of inefficient admin work from the provider workflow while simultaneously creating a superior patient experience that delighted AWH patients. In addition to ACOG content, the use of Patient Education Genius enabled AWH to upload, organize and digitally distribute materials created in-house (referral lists, hand-outs, videos) as well as licensed content from groups like UpToDate. All content sent to patients is instantly documented in the NextGen for compliance purposes. Furthermore, the number of Healthgrades reviews that each provider received increased dramatically — without any additional effort expended by AWH’s admin or marketing teams.

with Patient Education Genius, AWH collected Healthgrades reviews at 40x the previous rate
4 hrs
reduction in time spent on weekly admininistrative tasks
Associates in Women's Health logo
Healthcare Provider OB/GYN Offices
Wichita, KS
Patient Population: 174,680
“Patient Education Genius is a great tool for a clinical practice. I believe it has increased productivity and patient satisfaction, along with the health literacy of my patients. Patients are excited to be able to receive media digitally and appreciate the ability to access the information at a time that is convenient to them, along with as many times as they need. My follow up visits and preoperative visit have seen an increase in the productive conversations.”
Dr. Jackson Sobbing
Patient Education Genius displayed on a laptop